Dr. Hatef’s overarching philosophy is very basic: A commitment to the finest results.

In keeping with that philosophy, you can expect:

  • Dr. Hatef will take the time to communicate with you. He will talk with you and ascertain what your goals are. During the consultation, Dr. Hatef will discuss your options, and whether or not your goals are attainable. He will also discuss with you his aesthetic preferences, and how those affect his preferred course of action.
  • Dr. Hatef will not rush through your operation. Instead of speeding through surgery trying maximize the bottom line, he will spend the necessary time to perform your surgery in as perfect a manner as possible, ensuring that everything is done to get you a pleasing result. After surgery, you will work together to minimize complications and discomfort, and to maximize your healing.
  • Dr. Hatef will respond to your concerns. Neither the staff nor Dr. Hatef will ignore complications or unfavorable results. We will make a shared commitment to do our best to make things right.