Although Dr. Hatef’s preferred facelift technique is what’s called the “Extended SMAS” or “High SMAS” facelift technique, he sometimes employs the midface lift in select patients.

When the Midface Lift Makes Sense

Sometimes when the SMAS is dissected out, it is devascularized, and although the patient has resolution of their jowls, they have facial wasting from the loss of this important facial tissue. In this situation, Dr. Hatef has found the midface lift to be an excellent way to restore facial volume and get the patient a nice result.

Likewise, when patients have had multiple facelifts and lower eyelid blepharoplasty, they can sometimes be predisposed to lower eyelid malposition. In these situations, a midface lift is helpful to support the lower eyelid, as well as to correct the descended facial soft tissues.

What to Expect in a Midface Lift Consultation

If you are interested in a midface lift, Dr. Hatef won’t talk you out of it – however, he will thoroughly educate you about the differences between the Extended SMAS and midface lift procedures, as well as provide information on what operation is best for you.