Perhaps the operation I am most sought-after-for is facial rejuvenation. I believe that this is because I work to make your face look the way it did when you were in your thirties – turning back the clock with skillfully performed and effective surgery.

Dr. Hatef’s Extensive Background in Facial Rejuvenation

Through my years in plastic surgery, I have done many facelifts, and I am one of the pioneers of the use of the facial fat compartments for filler and fat injections. I spent 3 years in Dallas at UT Southwestern, spending all day in the operating room helping the masters of facelift surgery, and then at night I would dissect faces and use elaborate techniques to discern more information about facial anatomy.

Those 3 years were well-spent: They let to the uncovering of something completely new, highlighting the importance of the fat compartments, their fascial boundaries, and the contributions of these structures to facial appearance and aging. I am so proud of that work, and to have been in a very special place at a very special time, and to have published a lot of work on these discoveries. My Nashville patients can now benefit from this advanced training and knowledge in facial rejuvenation.

The Trend Towards Natural Results

There is a trend towards “natural” results recently, and it is a reaction to the overdone facelifts everyone has been seeing. However, I truly believe that we are now seeing facelift results that are underdone, and still bizarre, because harmony has not been achieved.

The Trend of Fat Injections

Fat injections are another buzzword lately, and they have been touted as the cure-all for strange appearances after facelift surgery. The problem is that they too are leading to some results that look bizarre and inappropriate.

What You Can Expect from Dr. Hatef

I will use my experience in facial rejuvenation with your facelift. The result you will get with me will not necessarily be “natural”, but you will not look strange either. I will aim to turn back the clock with both the operation, and with the before and after skin care. You will get:
Optimized skin care: When you consult with me, the first thing I may do is have you see Karee Hays for optimization of skin care, or consider laser resurfacing or microneedling. This is because if your skin looks 50, but I make your facial fat and structure look 30, you will look undesirable. We need to get your skin looking as young as your underlying facial structure will appear after the facelift procedure.

Preparedness for the Procedure

During your consultation, I will be looking not only at your facial skin and underlying fat and skeletal structure, but also assessing your mental toughness and commitment to excellence. Getting a good facelift result is a team effort, and I’ll need you on board to accomplish it!