Rhinoplasty in the cleft nose is one of the most challenging and rewarding operations that a plastic surgeon can undertake. In adolescence, after a LeFort 1 to establish a strong base for the nasal tip and facial profile, a rhinoplasty in order to remove scar tissue and build up the nasal cartilaginous tip framework can do wonder for the patient’s appearance and confidence.

Dr. Hatef’s Extensive Experience in Cleft Rhinoplasty

Although I no longer engage in the care of infants with cleft lips, I spent a full year under the tutelage of Drs. Sam Stal and Larry Hollier. With Dr. Stal I learned the art of cleft rhinoplasty, which he had learned from the masters of cleft surgery. One day a week, we would spend doing cosmetic rhinoplasty and rhinoplasty in adult cleft patients. These were tough cases that pushed our surgical skills to the limit and taught us a great deal. I now bring this experience to Nashville, and look forward to discussing your options with you if you aren’t satisfied with your cleft nose.