Since Europeans ventured to the East, some Asians have been intrigued by the shape and form of the Caucasian eyelid – and today, many seek to have the Caucasian eyelid crease created. Relative to other facial plastic surgery procedures, creation of the Caucasian eyelid is less difficult. Many different procedures have been innovated over the years to create a “Western” eyelid. These procedures work for both Asian patients and for Caucasian patients who complain about the appearance of their eyelids lacking a well-defined crease. The procedure to add a well-defined crease to the eyelid is the same in Western and Asian patients. In Dr. Hatef’s hands, a couple of small incisions in the new crease that is made are enough to rearrange the eyelid tissues to create the crease of the Western eyelid. The recovery is quick, and the result is relatively predictable.