A somewhat common deformity of the breast is what is termed the “tuberous breast”, a condition in which a patient has enlarged nipples along with a tight, constricted breast that sits too high on the chest wall. Correction of this condition is precarious and not to be undertaken lightly.

Types of Tuberous Breast Correction

There are two main ways to go about tuberous breast correction:

  • Single Stage: This correction takes place in one surgery, with an augmentation mastopexy.
  • Two Stage: This option involves the scoring of the gland with placement of a tissue expander at the first stage, and placement of a breast implant at the second stage.

Dr. Hatef has done quite a few of these procedures in his career, and they can be immensely satisfying to both patient and surgeon. Some of the most challenging cases he has taken on has been tuberous breasts that were previously mismanaged. Sadly, the deformity diagnosis is often missed, especially by non-plastic surgeons, and this can lead to some bad outcomes.

If you are concerned about tuberous breast deformity and seek to optimize your appearance, consider setting up a consultation with a plastic surgeon who is well-trained and experience in its’ correction.