Much of Dr. Hatef’s anatomical research centered on migraine surgery. One of the things he is proud of is his academic contribution in this arena. At the time, Dr. Hatef had been turned on to the fact that there were some patients who underwent blepharoplasty and browlift surgery who’d experienced resolution of their migraines. It was felt that perhaps migraines are like carpal tunnel syndrome – that there is some degree of nerve entrapment, and that relieving this entrapment might lead to relief. Over time this has turned out to be a new frontier for the management of migraines. Now, neurologists are prescribing botulinum toxin injections for their migraine patients, and referring them to plastic surgeons to have these trigger points released. What an exciting development for patients who suffered debilitating pain from migraines! If you are interested in having a plastic surgeon do your Botox or Dysport for your migraine treatment, or want to consider a permanent surgical solution, Dr. Hatef will work with your neurologist to get you the best and safest outcome.