To achieve the most harmonious result with a facelift, often patients will benefit from a concomitant necklift. In the hands of Dr. Hatef, rejuvenation of the neck requires just a small incision below your chin. Through this, Dr. Hatef will take out the appropriate fat and other deeper structures, contour your superficial fat, and put the platysma muscle back together in the midline. A combination of these maneuvers can do wonders for the lax neck and banding.

Another group of patients that benefits from neck rejuvenation isn’t the aged patient; it is the patient with submental fullness (also known as a double chin) or a fat neck. The best way to get rid of this is through liposuction in this area. Although it is exciting to have more options like Kybella, contouring the neck using liposuction can achieve more substantial results. The result can be dramatic and life-changing. One caveat though – you MUST wear a near-suffocating garment for one month afterwards!