The History of Facial Fat Grafting

Although injecting fat has been around since the late 19th century, it has only recently become very popular. Statistic concerning facial fat grafting are sparse, but it is clear that it is being done with many facelift procedures and also by itself. When fat grafting was first being discussed as something to offer every patient, it was felt that this would be a panacea for the bizarre appearances after facelift surgery. However, it seems as though there are now just as many strange-looking chipmunk-cheek results as there are bad facelifts. Thankfully, more and more knowledge is continuously being gained about fat grafting. We understand processing, injecting, and percentage take much better now than we did a few years ago. This allows patients to get more aesthetically-pleasing and more predictable results. During your consultation Dr. Hatef will assess your fat compartments, their volume and position, and whether or not fat injections are right for you.

Facial Fat Grafting at Dr. Hatef’s Office

Although the fat grafting procedure can be done on its own, it is often best to combine fat grafting with facelift surgery. Dr. Hatef will also carefully assess your donor sites and see where you should take the grafts. In surgery, Dr. Hatef will use caution to harvest the fat so as to leave a pleasing contour and avoid lines or deformities, and during injection, Dr. Hatef will be gentle and precise, to maximize predictability and achieve a cosmetically-pleasing result. As with all of the operations he does, Dr. Hatef will need full commitment to adhere to the necessary post-surgical steps. You will need compression garments on your face and on the donor sites, and activity will be limited for some time. Your willing cooperation is vital. A great result will be a true team effort.