Contrary to many advertising campaigns, hair transplantation is not a straightforward procedure that can be performed by anyone. Choosing a plastic surgeon with experience in hair transplantation is a superior choice to someone who has done a two-week training course with a commercial operation.

Dr. Hatef’s Experience and Background in the Field

Dr. Hatef brings his Nashville patients the experience and skill gained from specialty training in hair transplantation. His qualifications include training:

  • On Robotic Harvest: Dr. Hatef also had some experience training on the robotic harvest of these small follicular units.
  • At Texas Children’s Hospital: Dr. Hatef’s experience at Texas Children’s Hospital included a few cases of hair transplantation for children’s hairlines, brows, and lashes. These experiences have helped him understand both the technical and artistic aspects of hair transplantation.

Unfortunately, most patients go to commercial centers for hair transplantation, because these companies use a great deal of their revenue on mass-marketing. Dr. Hatef has seen many terrible results, and while fixing them is not technically-challenging, it is very annoying for the patient who has spent so much money expecting a good result.

Your Hair Transplantation Consultation

During your consultation, you will be able to have an honest discussion of what is involved in hair transplantation. Sometimes your hair loss may be nonsurgical, and a temporary result of stress, etc., in your life. Whether or not you need hair transplantation, or an injection or lifestyle change is something that you and Dr. Hatef will discern together based upon your unique situation and needs.