Any cancer diagnosis is terrible news, and skin cancer is no different. When a patient’s cancer affects the face, he or she need to have the comfort of being in the right hands for a successful, cosmetically pleasing result.

The Comfort of Working with Dr. Hatef on Reconstructive Rhinoplasty

Training with Drs. Rod Rohrich and Jim Thornton in Dallas, and Dr. Matthew Hanasono in Houston, Dr. Hatef obtained a great deal of experience with nasal reconstruction. While cosmetic rhinoplasty is a difficult operation because of the precision required, reconstructive rhinoplasty has the same challenges plus the effect of healing and scar tissue.
Some factors Dr. Hatef takes into account include:

  • Flaps can contract and pincushion if not dissected properly
  • Incisions that can heal poorly if not properly designed and repaired.
  • The paramount importance of replacing structures accurately when the cancer resection involves cartilage and airway lining.

Schedule Your Consultation with Dr. Hatef

If you have undergone nasal reconstruction after skin cancer and you’re displeased with the cosmetic outcome, please come to our office and talk with Dr. Hatef about how he can make it better. Likewise, if you have a diagnosis of skin cancer and want a plastic surgeon to repair the wound, Dr. Hatef will be happy to work with your dermatologist to optimize both your patient experience as well as your final aesthetic outcome.