As an aesthetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Hatef is dedicated to integrated full spectrum care of the face.  Working with the best plastic surgeons and dermatologists in Texas, his training has imbibed him with the knowledge basis to address all of your aesthetic skin needs.  Dr. Hatef knew that he needed to further his educational process and at the beginning of his practice he partnered with one of the best aestheticians in the South.  Now with his own medical spa in Belle Meade, he has assembled an incredible skin care team with decades of experience.  Dr. Hatef and his team work together to get the best skin appearance in Dr. Hatef’s facelift patients, so that when he turns back the clock surgically, their skin matches the underlying fat and soft tissues which have been returned to their youthful position. Dr. Hatef and his team also work together when it comes to the lasers, fillers, and other nonsurgical aspects of his practice.  Please visit to learn more about skin care in his medical spa.