One of the best papers that I’ve published is a manuscript looking at the redo facelift. Also called a revision facelift or secondary facelift, the redo facelift is technically easier to do than a primary facelift, but it still can be more difficult to get a good result. This is because the incisions cannot be changed, and often the face is a little bit wasted because the tissues have been devascularized.

Fat Grafting: A Game Changer in Facelift Surgery

Fat injections have really helped us get better results and make these secondary operations more predictable. Because of this I use fat in every secondary facelift I do.

Get the Facelift Results You Always Wanted with Dr. Hatef

If you have had an unfavorable result after your facelift, or if it has been some time since you’ve had one and you feel like it is time to undergo one again, consider consulting with me. In your one-on-one consultation I will work with you to come up with a good plan to get you the most harmonious result possible.