Breast augmentation is the second most popular plastic surgery procedure in the United States. This popularity can be attributed to the effectiveness of the procedure. There is no simpler or more predictable way to enhance the size and shape of your breasts than to use a breast implant. In fact, breast implants are by far the most-studied medical device of all time. Despite the extensive research and wide use of breast implants, the breast augmentation procedure still carries risk and does sometimes have complications. However, when a well-trained, skilled plastic surgeon chooses appropriately-sized breast implants for a healthy patient who has realistic expectations, the outcome is typically highly satisfactory for both surgeon and patient. Dr. Hatef is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and has extensive experience performing breast augmentation to help his patients achieve a great result.

Preparing You for Breast Augmentation

There is an overwhelming amount of information to sift through when considering breast augmentation. For that reason, Dr. Hatef will visit with patients twice before surgery:

  1. The initial consultation.
  2. Another 20-30 minute appointment to review everything.

The second visit is a very important step in the educational process, and since you will have already paid for the initial consultation, this visit is at no cost to you. During this time, you and Dr. Hatef will decide what incision, pocket, and implant is right for you.

Dr. Hatef has a great deal of experience in:

  • Inframammary, periareolar, transaxillary and transumbilical approaches to breast augmentation
  • Placing the implant above and below the muscle.
  • The entire spectrum of available breast implants – shaped, round, textured and smooth.

Breast augmentation is a lifelong decision, so you and Dr. Hatef will spend the necessary amount of time to get you educated about your options and to come to the best decision for your body.