Although patients never come to me and ask for a “lip lift”, it is something that I frequently do in combination with facelifts. A youthful position of the upper lip is one that shows the teeth; the youthful upper lip is short and allows for excellent show of the upper teeth not just when smiling, but at rest too. Some patients who look weird after a facelift actually don’t have a bad facelift result; the sides of their face, cheeks, and jaw look very youthful and rejuvenated, but their mouth still looks old. This gives a strange look and often when patients come to me dissatisfied with their facelift result, I’ll tell them that it’s not their facelift that’s bad – it’s that their perioral region was not addressed. In your consultation I’ll assess your lips and perioral region and we will strongly consider addressing these areas as well. It’s important to achieve harmony!