Of the many advances in plastic surgery and breast reconstruction that have happened over the past few years, one of the most exciting is fat grafting. Whereas it was not performed by most of the most-well-respected plastic surgeons as recent as one decade ago, today fat grafting is a well-accepted technique.

Benefits of Fat Grafting

Specifically in the breast, fat grafting is very helpful for giving a little bit of upper and medial breast volume and implant camouflage. The fat appears to help tissues which have been irradiated, and it is an excellent adjunctive technique for breast reconstruction. Dr. Hatef spent time with Roger Khouri in Miami, who is achieving great results for patients by using fat grafting for reconstruction of the entire breast. This is one of the most exciting developments in breast reconstruction in quite some time, and it will continue to evolve over the next decade. Dr. Hatef has been achieving some very nice results with the injection of patients’ fat into their breasts. This procedure can often provide just the right “finishing touch” after implants.