In 2010 Dr. Hatef published the seminal work on the surgical anatomy of hand rejuvenation. In it, he demonstrated that there are separate planes of fat in the hand which can be injected with fat or filler to increase their volume and enhance their appearance.

Dr. Hatef’s Interest in Hand Rejuvenation

The work on hand rejuvenation is especially important to Dr. Hatef. Those who undergo facelifts, browlifts, breast augmentation, etc., can look much younger than before, while the hands can betray their real age. Age spots, deflated skin and soft tissues, and wrinkles are apparent on the hands, even while faces and breasts may appear rejuvenated. Because of this challenge in cosmetic medicine, Dr. Hatef has a career-long interest in methods for rejuvenating the appearance of the hands.

How Hand Rejuvenation Works

Hand rejuvenation can sometimes be more difficult than facial rejuvenation, because there is no hair bearing area in which to hide scars. However, with a treatment series using microneedling, laser genesis, IPL, and chemical peeling, it is possible to get the skin looking refreshed. Using fat or filler, the volume in the back of the hand can then be restored, and the veins more camouflaged as they were in youth. Dr. Hatef highly encourages his facelift patients to strongly consider a consistent hand rejuvenation regimen, and his younger patients to wear sunscreen on their hands and to prophylactically get these treatments on occasion.