While Dr. Hatef abhors the term “ethnic” rhinoplasty, it has come to be the accepted term for any rhinoplasty involving the non-Caucasian nose. For patients from non-Caucasian origins who are looking for specialized care, Dr. Hatef performs this procedure with experience and a commitment to excellence.

Dr. Hatef’s Background with Ethnic Rhinoplasty

While Dr. Hatef had an amazing experience learning rhinoplasty in Dallas, the vast majority of his patients there were Caucasian. Because rhinoplasty was so important to him, when it came time to consider where to continue hi training, Dr. Hatef chose to move to Houston so that he could be exposed to a more diverse patient population. That move proved successful, as it allowed him to perform rhinoplasty on patients of every ethnicity on Earth.

The Unique Demands of Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Some key factors affecting the success of ethnic rhinoplasty include:

  • Harmony with the Face: It is important to achieve a harmonious result, and a huge part of this is keeping the nose looking like it belongs on the face.
  • Preservation of Ethnic Background: You want to preserve your ethnic background, while obtaining the most aesthetic result possible, and Dr. Hatef’s background has given him the ability to offer this.

Although the technical details of ethnic rhinoplasty are obviously fundamental to obtaining a good result, it wasn’t just this expertise that Dr. Hatef gained at Baylor. He was able to spend so much time doing ethnic rhinoplasty, that he also became more and more effective at accurately reshaping the nose so that the patient’s ethnicity was not violated.