My work in the area of plastic surgery has been responsible for some major discoveries in the field – namely, that fat in the body is compartmentalized by fascial memebranes in predictable ways. This hard-won revelation is making a major difference in the field of injections and fillers today, and it informs the treatments I provide for patients today.

Dr. Hatef’s Experience in the Field of Fat Compartments

I served as the anatomical research fellow in the Department of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern in Dallas for 3 years. During this time, throught three straight years of days in the operating room, nights in the anatomy lab, and weekends analyzing and researching our results, we uncovered the fact that fat in the body is compartmentalized by fascial membranes in a very predictable manner. I am so proud of these accomplishments, as they were not easily obtained.

How Dr. Hatef’s Discoveries Have Changed the Field

As the fat compartments lose fat and their membranes deteriorate, they change shape, leading to the appearance of the aged face. A combination of re-tensioning them and re-filling them can turn back the clock on facial aging. This work is something that I’m very proud to have taken part in, and they inform the treatments I offer today – I’m so happy to have this knowledge to offer to my patients!