With the explosion in popularity of social media photo sites and smartphone cameras, there has been a huge increase in the number of patients seeking to improve the appearance of their chin. Many patients are dissatisfied with the way their profile looks, and feel that their chins don’t come out far enough.

The Effect of the Media

Part of this is because people compare themselves to what they see on TV and in magazines. When you look at someone’s chin in a magazine photo shoot, you are looking at someone who is deliberately holding a pose to make their chin look good. Models have professional makeup, professional photographers, perfect lighting, and about 2,000 shots to choose from. When we look at our own “selfies, we are seeing are completely random images taken by an amateur. The comparison isn’t fair.

How to Find a Surgeon for Your Chin Augmentation

When choosing a surgeon for chin augmentation, it is important that you seek someone who doesn’t just throw in a chin implant and say “there, your chin comes further out”. Most of the time, people we interact with see us head-on or from a slightly oblique angle. It’s rare that someone sees our profile. For this reason, it is vital to take into account the way someone’s chin looks head-on, and make sure that the operation that is done takes that into account. As well, sometimes a chin implant isn’t the best option; sometimes the chin needs to be broken and brought forward with screws and plates. Finally, once again, the chin is an area where fillers and fat can help to achieve your desired result, or help contribute to a softened appearance along with surgery.