Jaw angle implants can be used for augmentation of the face. Although it is not often thought about, a strong chin and jaw convey an aesthetically-pleasing look. They can also help enhance the aged neck or the fat neck. When a man, or woman, has a poor jawline, sometimes corrective jaw surgery is not the answer. Jawline enhancement is an option for enhancing this region. It is important to choose a plastic surgeon with experience in placing them; even in the most experienced hands, they can be malpositioned or become infected. I tell patients who come to me for this operation to expect at least one more surgery down the road; the operation is technically challenging, and with jaw angle implants we aren’t where we are with breast implants in terms of technology and choices. However, if you have realistic expectations, and understand that these implants are not a perfect cure and that there will be some downtime and potential complications, then you may be a candidate for this surgery.