I am a huge believer in microneedling. I have seen it transform patients’ skin and virtually eliminate terrible scars. I first heard about radiofrequency microneedling from world reknowned facelift surgeon Lou Bucky from Philadelphia. He was so impressed with unbelievable turnarounds in the terribly textured skin of burn patients that he immediately knew that it would be a helpful addition to his practice. I was fortunate to get on board with this modality early on, and we are seeing excellent results. It is a true minimally invasive device, much like a fractional laser. However, the combination of microneedling and the delivery of radiofrequency is very powerful and has a unique effect on skin quality. It is a great addition to the facelift regimen and I am excited to offer it both to my surgical patients and to patients who don’t feel that they are ready for a facelift yet.